Never Miss Any Critical Bitcoin Related News Again With This Easy Guide

A number of social media networks, forums and platforms have been cracking down on bitcoin-related news stories recently. This desire to protect users against cryptocurrency scams is also hurting legitimate voices. So join the hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers ' using a variety of tools ' to make sure no monopoly can ever limit access to this vital information.


Telegram is a relatively new messaging service, but a tool you are probably already familiar with if you are active in the cryptocurrency community as it is very popular with trader groups and ICO projects. Our official channel is followed by almost 80,000 people.

If you have the Telegram app installed on your phone just click on ‘view channel’ and if you want to view it inside your browser just select ‘open in web’. If you don’t have an account with Telegram yet, click on ‘Try it now!’ at the top to get one and then return to the channel.

Once you can see the channel just hit the ‘Join’ button so you will be notified whenever a new story is published. Unlike other places, here you both like and dislike posts.


Despite recent developments, Twitter is still one of the most active spaces in the bitcoin community for open discussions and our profile page is right at the heart of it all. Joining the almost 300,000 people who engage with us this way couldn’t be easier, just click ‘follow’.

Follow @BTCTN


Email has been around for decades now, and while it is not as popular as it once was, it is still a very reliable method to get your news delivered straight to you without a filter. We offer two newsletter options, daily and weekly.

Look for this widget on the right side of the screen if you’re on a computer, or scroll down until you find it if you’re on mobile. Once you select the desired frequency you will only need to enter a name and an email address.

Lastly, check your inbox for the confirmation email and verify the subscription. If you don’t see this email within a minute, make sure to check your spam filter and whitelist our address.

RSS Feed

RSS feeds were also once much more popular but remain quite effective to this day. While several RSS readers have been discontinued, the Firefox browser still supports the feature, just go to our RSS page and click on ‘Subscribe Now’. If you are using Chrome without an RSS add-on, there is nothing to worry about, just skip to the next option.

Browser Notifications

The browser notification feed is a relatively new feature that you must have noticed popping up all over the internet. On the Chrome browser you should enter our home page and see a prompt at the bottom, just click ‘Allow’.

On the Firefox browser hit the little bell icon to enable browser notifications.


Besides text-based articles, we also offer certain news content in a short video format on Youtube. To follow our daily clips here just go to our Official Channel, click ‘Subscribe’ and then the bell icon that will appear.


If you are a visual person, or otherwise inclined to get the news while admiring our artistic talents, make sure to add us on Instagram. The process couldn’t be easier, just go to our Profile Page and hit ‘Follow’.


Lastly, make sure you follow our weekly show on your favorite podcast app. The service is available on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Telegram, Youtube and Instagram.

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