Bitcoin in Brief Saturday: 'Social' Coins, Crypto Vending, Blockchain Mileage

Reports suggest that Facebook may develop its own crypto. The plan is worth a mention, especially on the backdrop of the crypto ban imposed by the social media network. In Saturday's Bitcoin in Brief, we also cover Telegram's advance towards implementing its payment system using the Gram token. Some blockchain stories with beers and beamers complete today's round-up.

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Facebook Mulls Own Token, Reports Say

Facebook announced recently that it had formed a team whose main task will be to explore the uses for blockchain technologies that the company can utilize to improve its business. The group is headed by David Marcus, former head of Facebook Messenger and ex-president of Paypal, who currently sits on the board of Coinbase.

The development of the payments system, however, is likely to take some time, possibly years. Marcus, who is a crypto enthusiast and an early investor, has been quoted as saying that crypto payments are still very slow and expensive. Facebook is not planning to hold an initial coin offering (ICO) to fund the project. In January, the social network banned crypto-related ads, including advertisements of token sales.

Telegram Moving Forward with Crypto Payments

According to Russian media reports, Telegram is now conducting closed tests of a new service designed to store users' information and documents for verification purposes. Telegram Passport will be used to keep personal details and copies of IDs, banking statements, and utility bills which will be used to identify users on Telegram's blockchain TON.

The identity verification feature is needed to facilitate payments using Telegram's own crypto token called Gram. Once uploaded, the personal information can be potentially shared with partners within the platform, but also on their systems. Telegram Passport, which should be launched by the summer, is expected to prevent anonymous crypto payments.

Crypto Beer Vending Machine to Check Age

BMW Tracking Mileage on a Blockchain

Another blockchain partnership aims to track the mileage of cars. A team at BMW, the German automobile manufacturer, has been tasked with finding a way to better preserve the resale value of vehicles leased by the company. Collecting reliable data for the mileage, amortization and maintenance of these cars is crucial for achieving the best price on the second-hand market.

In a pilot program implemented by the partners, BMW drivers are prompted by a custom wallet app to take a picture of their dashboards once a week. All submissions are added to DOVU’s blockchain which is used by Alphabet to compile consistent and unalterable data reflecting the exploitation of the vehicles. The information is then used to assess the mileage and the depreciation of the used cars and ultimately determine their resale value.

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